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Cold Connections


Cold Connections is a fascinating MetalWorks process, in which a variety of metals (including copper, brass, and silver) and found objects are attached be cold joining, e. g. without the use of glues or soldering. The creative possibilities with Cold Connections are virtually endless – limited only by your imagination. Techniques taught will include cutting and sawing metal, texturing, etching with acid, riveting, grommeting, lashing, patination, stamping, and annealing. Fold forming will be demonstrated as time permits.

In this workshop, projects are not designated in advance (no kits!) - each student will design their own projects, and in the past, students have left the workshop with anywhere from 6 to 12 completed projects, plus some works-in-progress they could finish at home later.

This class is taught over an intense, 2- or 3-day period in a workshop format. The workshop runs all day, from 9 AM to 6 PM (or later) each day. Students may choose to take a short break for lunch, but we want to maximize our learning time, so no formal breaks are designated - so feel free to bring snacks and beverages, and store them in our fridge. Past students have been too excited about the class to leave for lunch!

The fee for this intense 2-day workshop is $175.00, and includes ALL materials, literature, consumables, and supplies to be used in the class. [$95 non-refundable deposit required for registration.] Any additional cost incurred would be for embellishment or finishing of the designs (such as crystals, beads, or perhaps chain to complete a pendant), or for the purchase of tools and/or materials that the student may wish to acquire from the instructor or YaYa Beads to continue working at home with cold connections.

On the 3rd day of the Cold Connections workshop, "Independent Design and Fabrication," the student will create a project of their choosing from start to finish, including all steps of the design and fabrication process. This is a great opportunity for the student to explore the various techniques and learn how they all come together in different ways to yield the desired response. The instructor will offer as much one-on-one assistance as the student desires, and there will also be access to resource books and other informative and inspirational materials. This optional workshop has an additional fee of $95, which includes access to tools, chemicals, and consumables, but does NOT include additional sheet metal (sheet metal will be available for purchase if needed). The fee for this workshop is $85 ($45 non-refundable deposit required upon registration); this workshop is only open to students who have previously completed the 2-day Cold Connections workshop at YaYa Beads.

TOOLS NEEDED for Cold Connections: Chasing hammer, riveting hammer, steel bench block, metal shears, small ball peen hammer, a good flex wire cutter, and various pliers, including round nose and chainnose. If you have these tools, please bring them clearly marked with your name. YaYa Beads will also have the necessary tools and materials for student use available at the workshop, but we have a limited number of each tool for class use, so students will have to share - this won't limited your class time or productivity, but sometimes it's just nice to have the tool you want in your hand when you want it! So if you have any tools, we encourage you to bring them (mark them with your name!) Additionally, many tools and supplies will also be available for purchase for any interested students. And if you have any "found objects" or old jewelry/watch pieces that you would like to incorporate into your Cold Connections creations, please bring them!

SAFETY GLASSES are strongly recommended, but will not be provided – please make sure you come to class with safety glasses – you can get these at Lowe’s, Walmart, etc. We also require students to wear close-toed shoes in the classroom - no open-toed shoes! Your clothes WILL get dirty, so we suggest you wear old clothing and/or a protective apron. A torch is used for parts of the process, so please do not wear clothing with loose, drapey sleeves or loose, frilly necklines. We do a LOT of hammering, so if you are sensitive to noise, you may want to bring some foam earplugs (hearing protection)

View Photos of Cold Connections Projects from previous classes