Kumihimo originated as the ancient Japanese art of creating intricately braided textiles, and has been modernized by contemporary jewelry artists to include the braiding of various fibers, cords, and/or wire, with or without the addition of beads. Add YaYa Beads, we teach students how to use Kumihimo techniqes to create gorgeous beaded, braided ropes to incorporate into their jewelry designs.

The class project in our kumihimo classes is a bracelet, so that students can learn the technique AND finish their braid, with enough time to learn proper finishing techniques. Students who prefer to make a necklace or lariat should make prior arrangements with the shop owner, and be aware that 2 class sessions will be required in order to learn how to finish the ends of their finished kumihimo rope.

All kumihimo classes are available one-on-one, by appointment. Discounts to NOT apply to kumihimo classes.

Kumihimo lariat