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Wire-Wrapped Bracelets

Geometric Bracelet
This impressive and fairly simple bracelet is one of our more popular classes. It features square and half-round wire, with the opportunity to twist any or all of the wires, for added interest.  It looks particular striking when 2 or more complementary metals are used together!
Darlin’s bracelet is created entirely from half-round wire, and several variations are possible, including the single or double-wire eye, both shown here. A third variation, a narrower, one wire bracelet, may also be chosen by the student. View the earrings and ring that match this great bracelet.
Crossover Bangle
Another classic, delicate bangle.
This stunning bracelet looks particularly elegant with Swarovski crystals, but is equally striking when the beads are omitted entirely – a very versatile pattern.
Wire-wrapped Beaded Bracelet
Wire-wrapped Beaded Bangle
This is a really fun bracelet – and will work with variously shaped and sized beads, up to about 8 mm rounds.  Endless possibilities!
This deceptively simple bracelet is made entirely with half-round wire, and is particular popular with our male students.
Square Knot Bracelet
Beaded Bracelet
Incorporate your favorite gemstone, crystal, glass, or wooden beads into this beaded design.
This is one of the few advanced wire-wrap classes we offer – it is not for the faint of heart, but you’ll be thrilled with your final result!
Wire-wrapped Cabochon Bracelet
Crisscross Beaded Bracelet
This delicate bracelet looks different every time it’s made, as students combine different beads and different metals to achieve their desired look.